Traditional Sarees

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The saree has been around for many millennia, but it's been quite hard to track the change it has gone through. It's believed that the saree has only undergone ornamental changes as its six yards (or nine) of fabric is so versatile and can be worn in many ways,After looking at these turn of the century pictures from India and Sri Lanka , It's only in recent years that the saree has gone through any kind of major makeover or face lift.

Whatever the century, this woman demonstrates that it's your attitude, carriage and confidence that will get you noticed more than anything else! She's rocking that saree and check out the 'odiyanam'!

That saree looks like it could be worn today and no one would even guess that it was a hundred years old.

A silk saree worn with a long sleeved blouse. Traditional ornaments haven't changed much, in fact I think these ornaments look better than some we have now.

I think this is a good example of how enduring saree styles can be. This traditional style of saree draping has survived to this day

That saree looks costly, especially compared to the ones in the other photos.

This style of saree draping is still in today!

Sarees for little girls seemed to be common at the turn of the century and they're coming back now.

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