Trends in sarees

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Denim Saree
It is a pure silk saree that gives the look of denim, at the same time retaining the soft feel of silk

Hamsa Damyanthi

Hamsa Damyanthi is a silk saree, in which the famous painting of Raja Ravi Varma is woven into the pallu. 26 different shades are reflected in the saree, which have been achieved by the use of around 80 different types of threads.
Hand Bag Saree
saree made of pure silk that comes with a matching handbag.
Pocket saree

saree has a pocket, which can hold a cell phone and other small items.
saree-shirt combo
sarees with a matching shirt piece, which is meant for the lady’s husband.
Maya Sarees
whose designs change colour the natural way - when exposed to sunlight.
Reversible Saree
With four attractive pallus and two different body colour this saree can be worn in 4 different ways
Most Expensive Traditional Saree
MultiColour Saree
Saree with 50,000 colours

Maa-Beti Saree
A saree with two blouses.

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