Different Necklines :
Jewel necklines (circular)
This neckline pass around the base of the neck on all sides.
scoop necklines (curved, concave up)
Have a curved U shape, where the arms of the U pass over the shoulders. Scoop necklines can be demure or plunging, depending on the depth of the U.

Boat necklines (one edge, nearly linear)
Boat Necklines are necklines with a broad opening, but which pass nearly horizontally across the figure near the collarbones. Also called bateau necklines or Sabrina necklines.
V necklines (2-4 linear edges, side edges diverge)
are formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulder that meet on the chest. These necklines can be demure or plunging, depending on the depth of the V. The surplice version of this neckline (known as a portrait neckline) is an alternative. The V may also be truncated by a small bottom edge, forming a trapezoid.
Deep neck
Deep necks are low neckline, maybe in either V shape or U shape.
Square necklines (linear side edges neither converge nor diverge)
These necklines are characterized by three linear edges, the bottom edge meeting the side edges at right angles. The bottom edge cuts across the figure horizontally and the side edges pass over the shoulders. A special case of this is the slot neckline, in which the side edges are very close (roughly the width of the collar-bone points), forming a narrow slot.

Sweetheart necklines (side edges linear, curved bottom edge concave down)
Sweetheart necklines has a curved bottom edge that is concave down and usually doubly scalloped to resemble the top half of a heart. The side edges often converge on the neck, similar to halter necklines. Sweetheart necklines are good for accentuating the bosom.

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