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Tips for painting a Saree:

1.Choose the side you wish to paint.

2.Clamp this side to the wooden board using binder clips.

3.On the border, mark approximately a 12 cm thick strip, along the length of the cloth. This will be the border of your saree.

4.Using the 3D out liner, draw the pattern you wish to, on the inner and outer side (it can be a straight line or wavy line or some pattern depending on how you wish it to be). Let the pattern dry (it takes about 2-3 hours for drying).

5.Now paint the central region using fabric paints and make patterns of your choice.

6.Once the paint dries, you can stick sequins using the fabric glue in the unpainted regions. Stick them at even distances so that they shine as the orientation of light changes.

7.After the paint dries, you can outline the painted patterns with 3D out liner of your choice. It's better to choose a colour that contrasts well with both the saree colour and fabric colour, for example, on a red saree with black fabric paint, silver makes a good contrast. Let the 3D out liner dry.

8.Shift the saree to following part and paint similarly until all the border on one side is painted.

9. To create a "pallu", choose a richly decorated pattern with sequins and fabric paint being used.

10.Stitch beads to the outer side of the pallu to make it heavier so that it stays in place.
Beautiful Ganesha painting on Bengal cotton saree with green churi boarder.
Happy Ganesh Chadurthi for all Saree Times visitors.

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